EDUCATION in collaboration with institutions in Ethiopia dedicated to serv the cultural heritage of the country is a main consern for SCECH. Higher education in care taking of buildings and painting conservation is planned to take place at Mekele University: The Institute of Paleonvironment and Heritage Conservation (IPHC). This University is besides Addis Ababa University the second biggest in the country and mentioned institution recently founded. Learn more: Mekele University and: Wikipedia’s presentation of this university and IPHC

The executives at this university represented by Vice President Ato Kindeya Gebrehiwot (above seen in the middle of the photo) and Ato Aklilu Habtu, Director of mentioned institute, wishes to have an education of this kind at there university and a dialogue started by SCECH with representatives for Chalmers University of Technology have opened for a possible collaboration.

The students of this planned higher education in conservation of cultural heritage will on the first hand be recruited among the trainees who have been attended basic education on location and by this two phases in an educational program we hope to create a domestic profession. Learn more: Chalmers Univeristy of Technology

Besides this education in Ethiopia a Master course in architectural conservation at Chalmers University of Technology under leadership of associate Professor Inger Lise Syversen has been discussed. It should consist of theoretical studies in Sweden as well as studies in situ of some of the ancient Ethiopian churches which will be the subject for conservation in planned developed long-term program for conservation, mentioned in our charter. According to this sketch these students of architecture and engineering should spend a longer term in Ethiopia studying ancient churches of Tigrai. The hope is that this should go a long with the other activities supported by our society. Learn more: Charter for SCECH


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